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It had taken me almost six (6) months to put this together. What happened? LOL

Here's a photo album of my 1-week stay in Kansas City, MO in February 2018 when the winter weather was the worst in four (4) years. How lucky was I? Seriously, I have no complaints.

National World War 1 Museum & Memorial

The National World War I Museum and Memorial is home to the biggest collection of exceptionally-curated World War I objects in the world. I had to see it in honor of my grandfather who was taught English by an American Soldier, and the 255 Filipino soldiers who were part of the WWI American troops.

Our freedom today was not without great cost and sacrifice by the soldiers and all the Blue Star and Gold Star parents/wives/children who sent their loved ones to war and never saw them again (the same way or at all).

General Admission: Adults ‎$16

Art of the Brick Gallery

The Art of the Brick Gallery at Union Station by one-of-a-kind artist, Nathan Sawaya, was an awesome experience. No wonder it is one of CNN's Top 10 Must See Exhibitions.

All the art pieces in the gallery were made of LEGO®, including:

  1. Life-size replicas of famous paintings like Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Vincent Van Gogh's The Starry Night, Johannes Vermeer's Girl with the Pearl Earring, Grant Wood's American Gothic, and Edvard Munch's The Scream,

  2. Statues of David, Augustus Prima Porta and Venus de Milo to name a few, and

  3. Nathan Sawaya's original LEGO® art pieces

General Admission: Adults $15.95*

Science City

The Science City at Union Station in KC brought out the happy, curious kid in me. Science was one of my favorite subjects in school growing up. And I truly enjoyed learning and re-learning Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Math, Engineering, Paleontology, and even a bit of scientific mystery. I really loved the hands-on approach of Science City for visitors to immerse themselves and understand scientific principles and the basic science and math behind everyday things.

Around Kansas City

Here are the other places I've visited and things I did while in KC. It was just difficult to get around because there was an ice storm warning for three (3) days. No one was driving anywhere, schools were cancelled, flights were delayed, and there were at least six (6) reported road accidents on a single day. It rained at night resulting to icy roads in the morning, plus blustering wind, and slush, sleet and snow. We had to hunker down for at least two (2) days.

I wish I had more time and the weather wasn't so bad. I feel grateful nonetheless.

Thanks for checking out my photos.

Let's travel more, shall we? Where are you headed next?

Love always,


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