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I will keep this simple and sweet like Halloween candies. No ghouls or ghosts, black cats or boiling cauldrons, spooky spells or haunted houses. But perhaps a few pumpkins. And definitely, a girl and the memories she made in her favorite city at her favorite time of the year when New York bathes in burnt orange and cold weather.

Here's an old-song-inspired, pumpkin-filtered fbf or tbt to what Billie Holiday said best.

"It's #AutumninNewYork. It's good to live it again."

American Museum of Natural History

Central Park West & 79th St

Admission fee: 23 USD

My favorite experience at the American Museum of Natural History was definitely the Hayden Planetarium show on the Big Bang narrated by Liam Neeson. Overall, if you loved and enjoyed Science growing up like I did, the AMNH experience is a definite treat especially that one of the most important scientific lessons is voiced by Qui-Gon Jinn/Aslan himself.

Central Park

I will make sure to visit Central Park next time when I will have the opportunity to experience the turning of the leaves at the height of the season. My visit had to include a special occasion in mid-October, but not all the way to the end of Autumn. But I had to keep coming back as Central Park is my most favorite park in the world.

Travel Tip: Aside from checking the activities happening, make sure to look out for the famous (and in my case, illusive) Mandarin duck.

Grand Central Terminal

89 E 42nd Street, Midtown Manhattan

I didn't get to visit the Grand Central Terminal last time; so, I made sure to include it in my itinerary. For a tourist, it felt like BOTH being transported to a century ago when it opened due to its general architecture and engineering, AND also moving quickly into the future, watching New Yorkers as they "meet at the clock" or as they simply go about their usual busy day in the city.

Travel Tip: Make sure to ask for a brochure from the ticket ladies to get coupons when you wine and dine.

Bryant Park

Between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, and 40th and 42nd Streets, Midtown Manhattan

Skating Rink Admission: 20 USD

It was lovely visiting Bryant Park at this time of the year as the Winter Village was already open. The Lodge, carousel, holiday shops of various products hand made by artisans, and the ice skating rink were open for everyone to enjoy.

Travel Tip: Make sure to have time to sit down and leisurely enjoy freshly-baked goods and hot cider.

Coney Island

Coney Island was closed when I went. Maybe I'll get lucky next time. It was still good though because I got to challenge my Subway knowledge to get here all by myself. At the same time, I finally had a taste of the classic Nathan's Famous hot dog. I'm glad I decided to enjoy my lunch at the Boardwalk despite the cold weather. The hot clam chowder was my favorite especially that I got to enjoy it while having a warm, lovely conversation with an old couple at the beach.

Travel Tip: Don't be like me i.e. check first if it's open.

Battery Park

I went in this area of Lower Manhattan to see the Charging Bull and Wall Street. Alas, there were far too many tourists. So I walked my introverted / ambi-verted self towards the flowers and orange foliage.

Pumpkin Patch & Halloween 2018

Would you say it's a complete Autumn experience without going to a Pumpkin Patch? I say not.

Times Square

I have yet to get tired of the magnetic energy and night lights of Times Square, but I can see why New Yorkers avoid it like the plague. LOL

There were more tourists this time than the last.

Watch this space for more of this trip. This was a dream come true for me, by the way, so thanks for reaching the end of this post.

Love always,


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