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I'm quite guilty that I hadn't updated this site for so long. The fact that I am writing about this now tells anyone I'm really into this skincare brand. It is definitely, in my humble opinion, in the game-changing, holy-grail level.

In the last couple of years, I have completely switched gears when it comes to beauty (nowhere close to being an expert). I have preferred simplifying and putting less makeup on, and focusing and spending more time on my skincare. When it comes to the topical beauty stuff, I have always believed in French apothecary products and the lengthy, yet rewarding skincare regimen of the Koreans. And I've been using this brand for almost six (6) months now, and it's my favorite at the moment.


One of my best friends, who's into K-pop and Korean dramas, gave me two (2) sheet masks about two (2) years ago when I was still oblivious to Innisfree. After using the sheet masks, I have noticed my skin became more supple, young looking, and it just felt great within days. So I bought a box of the Innisfree green-tea EX set and a box of acai-berry sheet masks for my oily-combination skin while passing through Singapore Changi Airport last year.

My empties

The green tea line

This line claims to hydrate and recharge your skin with Jeju-Island green tea, and it truly delivers!

"The vitality and deep hydration of our green tea products are supplied by the green tea extracts from the fields of Jeju Island, renowned for its cleanliness and abundant flora. Use of these products will leave skin feeling smooth, supple and deeply hydrated."

Click the photos to see the product names, how I use them and my (very) amateur reviews:

Click here for the complete Innisfree solutions for various skin concerns.


I paid a total of 313.2 AED / 85.27 USD / 4,401.45 PHP, which is not bad considering the shipping was free and this order will last me about four (4) months. Here are the individual pricing:

  1. Green tea facial foam cleanser 150 ml = 41 AED / 11.16 USD / 576.18 PHP

  2. Green tea balancing skin EX 200 ml = 71 AED / 19.33 USD / 576.18 PHP

  3. Green tea balancing lotion 160 ml = 71 AED / 19.33 USD / 576.18 PHP

  4. Green tea balancing cream 50 ml = 74 AED / 20.15 USD / 1,039.93 PHP

  5. Non-sebum powder cream 25 g = 56.2 AED / 15.30 USD / 789.79 PHP

Plus, they also sent me FREE STUFF! I love this brand even more!

  1. Full-size Green tea facial foam cleanser

  2. Jeju beauty tool kit

  3. 3 sets Day-care samplers

  4. 3 sets Night-care samplers

  5. Eco-science wrinkle spot cream

Why Innisfree?

I love this brand so much, because:

  1. it works. People compliment my skin; even the dermatologist I was working with in the last two (2) weeks in Ras Al Khaimah. That's really saying something. Although, I have to say, it is a combination of several factors (including genetics and lifestyle i.e. food and water intake, sleep, and exercise, which we should not take for granted), I really feel like this brand does what it promises.

  2. it's affordable. Who doesn't love that?

  3. it's accessible. Although no physical store sells Innisfree in Dubai, you can simply order online on the Innisfree World website and your package arrives at your doorstep in 3-6 days from South Korea.

Have you tried Innisfree or any Korean brands? Let me know what you think.

You are beautiful.

Love always,


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