My favorite YouTubers

I have to admit, I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos. I'm getting how and why creative YouTubers who come up with fresh, innovative content get a lot of money and loads of freebies from small business owners and big companies that sponsor or would like to be featured in their videos.

Not everything on YouTube is gold though, but, out of the many good ones I subscribe to, here are my definite favorites:

Lisa Eldridge

Beauty & Fashion

Who is Lisa Eldridge?

For me, Lisa Eldridge is how a timeless makeup artist should be: classy, never OTT (unless she has a theme or a particular look in mind), and she enhances natural beauty (often soft and delicate), not hide them in a ton of makeup. Her voice is so calming, too. She doesn't use any music; just her beautiful voice and beauty expertise shining through in every video. I could listen to her all day.

I haven't purchased her book yet, Face Paint the Story of Makeup, which has become a New York Times bestseller since its publication in October 2015. Still in my long list of books to buy.

Check out Lisa Eldridge:

Lisa Eldridge YouTube channel

Jemma Wilson of Cupcake Jemma


Who is Jemma Wilson?

For me, she's a baking goddess who is super cool. She sports tattoos and almost always a perfect cat eye. She's a modern-version of a strong vintage beauty and who just makes the most aesthetically pleasing cakes. I find it amazing that she shares the recipes of the cakes she sells at her cake stores, Crumbs & Doilies. Even though I can try to replicate her recipes at home, I still want to visit one of her stores in London one day and find out how perfect they are.

Jemma is witty, insanely creative, and just fun to watch every week. If you love baking like I do, she'll quickly become your baking queen. She's definitely mine.

Check out Jemma: Cupcake Jemma Youtube Channel

The Michalaks

Stefan Michalak, Hannah Maggs and their son, Grayson

Lifestyle and Family

Who are the Michalaks?

I have so many reasons why I love the Michalaks and their 30-minute weekly family videos, including:

  • Stef's creative and one-of-a-kind videography/photography and mad video-editing skills

  • Prepare to see drone shots and cool (sometimes cheeky) animation

  • Hannah's a great mom with a simple yet very elegant style of a true British lady (at least, the idea I have in mind)

  • Grayson is terribly cute

  • They're all funny, intelligent and, for some reason, somewhat relatable

  • They put so much effort into their weekly vlogs, you can't help but notice and love them.

Check out the Michalaks:

The Michalaks main YouTube channel

Hannah Maggs' beauty channel

It's a coincidence they're all British. Or maybe not; maybe the accent really helps. I think everything sounds better and way sexier in a British accent. I mean, have you heard Tom Hiddleston read Math? LOL

Who are your favorite YouTubers?

Love always,


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