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I find I use body oils a lot more during the colder months. It’s difficult and ineffective (at least for me) to use regular moisturizers and body butter/creams/lotions during winter; especially in the morning when it’s too cold. And they just don’t seem to work as well.

Here are some of my affordable favorites:

Facial oil

My face is usually combination-oily (normal in the perimeter of my face and extremely oily in the T-zone). But, because of the winter months’ cold air and lack of humidity, everyone’s skin changes. Mine becomes dry in the chin area and I get dry patches around the nose, too.

So, during the colder months, I mix my regular moisturizer with 3-5 drops of face oil (more if I have dry patches). These days, I prefer the L’Oreal Extraordinary Facial Oil. I tried it last winter and it worked for me so I re-purchased this new bottle. It’s great, because it’s readily available, affordable (90 AED / 1,200 PHP / 24 USD, but I wait for a sale!), and I like the delicate scent. And because you only need a few drops each time, you can pretty much use it until the end of its shelf life (18 months).

Facial oils, I find, work better if you also massage it onto your skin for a couple of minutes.

Makeup remover

You would think that putting more oil on the face would make you feel sticky and heavy. This one won’t. The Garnier Oil-infused Micellar Water is my new favorite this year. I’m obsessed with the lovely scent and the velvety feel it leaves your skin. I think this is the best in the Garnier Micellar Water range. Go get it!

Body oils (Night and Day)

At the moment, I switch between these during the day: Corine de Farme Body Oil or Johnson’s Baby Oil spray (convenient to use). Body oils do not only moisturize your skin, but also give you a little bit of warmth as well. Perfect for cold mornings.

I prefer the lavender-scented Johnson's Baby Bedtime Oil at night for a more calming effect. And if I’m entirely honest, I would include Efficascent Oil (camphor + menthol liniment oil) that we use back home in the Philippines when you have muscle pains or cramps. It makes me smell like the old lady that I am; but it’s very calming, reminds me of my Mother giving me a night rub, and helps me fall asleep.

Hair oils

For my hair, I use either Garnier Fructis 3 Oil Therapy Leave-in Spray or Ogx Keratin Oil (only 3-5 spritzes). I started using hair oil in 2014 when I was trying my best to regrow healthy natural hair. I found my ultimate hair savior, Ogx Weightless Healing Dry Moroccan Argan Oil (not in the photos) and it had made a huge difference so I wanted to continue, but it was sold out. And for good reason.

Overall, there are so many pluses to using body oils:

  • They’re natural

  • They multitask from face, body, nails to hair; effective to go from dry, patchy winter skin to soft and supple

  • There are other natural and organic options: extra virgin coconut oil and EVOO (for the whole body), castor oil (for hair growth), etc.

  • There are affordable and luxurious options to choose from (pick what tickles your fancy)

Here’s the link to Total Beauty's 10 Best Body Oils list if you would like to check more expensive options.

  • They encourage you to massage your skin, which increases blood flow

  • There are plenty of non-greasy formulas in the market

  • And I can automatically see and feel the difference in my skin and hair

What’s your favorite body oil to use?

Leave your suggestions in the comment section. Keep warm and cozy.

Love always,


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