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I went to a Typo store for the first time in 2013 when I was in Melbourne. I instantly liked the Aussie store for its cute novelty items.

The store sells stationeries and cards in cute designs and colors, various gift items (perfect for the holidays or last-minute gift ideas), novelty lighting and tech stuff (that famous YouTubers use), matching travel items (like passport holders, luggage tags, travel pillows, etc.), candles, mugs and water bottles, arts and crafts, and more. Ergo, they sell stuff that cool kids like. Sadly, I'm not a cool kid, but I digress.

I knew the Australian brand was popular there and in Singapore. It's apparently under the retail chain, Cotton On. Typo products are really cute and useful. Case in point; they have these new journals that encourage reflection and creativity.

Last weekend, I bought three (3) cute notebooks, which were on sale, and a Thoughts and Reflections journal.

I really love the journal as it:

- is in white, gold and mint

- reminds you write a line a day for three (3) years

- the daily questions are cute and easy to answer, e.g.:

"What's in your fridge right now?"

"Write down an advice for your younger self?"

"What is your happiest memory?" #ExpectoPatronum :)

"Write down 3 words to describe your day."

"If you could go anywhere now, where would it be?

- is only 59 AED / 800 PHP / 16 USD (great value for a 3-year use)

Anyway, in Dubai, Typo stores are located in The Dubai Mall, Deira City Centre and Ibn Batutta Mall. Also, according to Cotton On’s website store finder, it is located along Wasl Road and Al Khail (Maesem City Centre). Not too sure if that's accurate; I've never been.

Would you be keeping a journal next year?

Love always,


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