3-book long-weekend challenge

When I was thinking about creating my own website earlier this year, I knew for certain I wanted to include a section where I can write about the books I've recently read and enjoyed. The problem was I wasn't really reading as much as I used to when I was younger. There were just far too many things happening right left and center this year, and it was easy to use that as a reason not to pick up a book, be quiet for a moment, and completely immerse myself in a story apart from my own.

What really helped me go back to reading was simply visiting my favorite bookstore, Kinokuniya / BookWorld. The one I frequently visit is the big one at The Dubai Mall, because it's just a 10-minute walk from the office, and you could literally read an entire book and not pay for it (and no one will tell you off).

So I've slowly found myself walking more and more towards the book store by instinct. Even when I went to TDM to buy something else, I'd end up browsing through aisles and aisles of books. I slowly started reading books on the regular again.

Then came the recent long weekend to celebrate the 45th UAE National Day.

I had three (3) days off and I thought it would be a good idea to challenge myself to read one (1) book per day, and so the 3-book long-weekend challenge.

The funny thing was even though I obviously had several options, I somehow unintentionally ended up with a particular theme for all three (3):

Working women my age having serious (fatal!) problems with their (current, ex or dead) husbands.

And I wonder why I'm #foreversingle? Ha!

Here are the books I had picked up:

1. Fool Me Once by Harlan Coben

"Former special ops pilot Maya, home from the war, sees an unthinkable image captured by her nanny cam while she is at work: her two-year-old daughter playing with Maya's husband, Joe--who had been brutally murdered two weeks earlier."

Good Reads 3.9/5 ⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️ Barnes & Noble 3.7/5 ⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️

2. The Widow by Fiona Barton

"Following the twists and turns of an unimaginable crime, The Widow is an electrifying debut thriller that will take you into the dark spaces that exist between a husband and a wife.There’s a lot Jean hasn’t said over the years about the crime her husband was suspected of committing. She was too busy being the perfect wife, standing by her man while living with the accusing glares and the anonymous harassment. Now her husband is dead, and there’s no reason to stay quiet. There are people who want to hear her story. They want to know what it was like living with that man. She can tell them that there were secrets. There always are in a marriage. The truth—that’s all anyone wants. But the one lesson Jean has learned in the last few years is that she can make people believe anything…"

Good Reads 3.5/5 ⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️ Barnes & Noble 3.6/5 ⭐️⭐️️⭐️️

3. I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh (My favorite of the 3!)

"In a split second, Jenna Gray's world descends into a nightmare. Her only hope of moving on is to walk away from everything she knows to start afresh. Desperate to escape, Jenna moves to a remote cottage on the Welsh coast, but she is haunted by her fears, her grief and her memories of a cruel November night that changed her life forever. Slowly, Jenna begins to glimpse the potential for happiness in her future. But her past is about to catch up with her, and the consequences will be devastating."

Good Reads 4.1/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Barnes & Noble 4.6/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I did it by the way. I read all three (3) books during the weekend. Okay fine, the last book's last couple of chapters spilled over on Sunday, but I did it. Bells ringing, trumpets blazing, I did it!

Would you try the 3-book long-weekend challenge?

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