My first water-color painting

I have always preferred acrylic when painting. Two (1) of my creative cousins, on the other hand, prefer different mediums; while one mostly paints with oil, the other water color. So, to spice things up (and maybe, to learn something new since I've been painting acrylic for years), I went to BookWorld / Kinokuniya at The Dubai Mall to purchase this set of MBGI WAP Artists watercolor tubes.

Since I knew next to nothing about water-color painting, I looked up video tutorials and artist websites even days before I purchased the paint. I've watched about a dozen tutorials before I actually tried my beginner's luck at water color painting (because kindergarten days don't count).

Side note: I think we're quite lucky to live in a time and place where everything you wish to learn about -- practically anything under the sun -- is just a click of a button. Anyhoo.

While browsing through a gazillion beginner's "how-tos", I found Coco Bee Art's YouTube channel. In my opinion, she's one of those artists who are quite underrated. Queenie aka Coco Bee Art of Toronto writes songs, paints and does wonderful videography. Even just by watching one (1) video from her channel convinced me that she's one of those creative people (you wish you were a part of) who will just keep dazzling everyone else with their creative eye, attention to detail, technical skills, and mind-boggling God-given talents. She's an aspiring doctor, too. Ugh.

If you're not convinced. Watch this 5-minute tutorial for water-color painting beginners that I did my best to re-create. You're welcome.

This is nowhere near the original, of course. But, in my opinion, it isn't as bad as I thought.

Here's the finish product:

Whale, what do you think?

Stay creative,


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